Bayonetta is Coming to PC – SEGA Launches Teaser Site

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SEGA helped Platinum Games in the past, by publishing and funding a few key titles like MadWorld and Vanquish. But one game stands above them all, largely due to the impact it had on the character-action game genre. Bayonetta released on PS3 and 360 to great scores & it got a strong sequel on the Wii U a few years later. But many have wanted to play the original on PC for a long time, as it being on PC can ensure a higher resolution and more stable frame rate.
Seems like that is finally happening, as SEGA launched a teaser website (which you can find here), heavily implying a Bayonetta themed announcement is happening soon. The link to the teaser site also has some steam achievements hidden away, further confirming that the game is coming to PC. An official announcement is set for later tonight, so we will report more on this as information comes out.

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