Activision Rant ( Blog Version )

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hi people , i would like to introduce you to my first rant about activision and why i hate them Original Video:
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this is a scripted short speech i think , i did some edits in it and i would like to add subtitles to the video your are currently watching okay so , when i got to see some new crash games , i saw that the latest one is mind over mutant , but before that i got titans but the result that i hated the game itself because it was not recongizable enough for me and everyone and also i hate the new stuff and jokes in it , but that’s not what im talking about, im talking about the 2010 cancelled game , when i first saw it , i was happy with the stuff and how beautiful it looked , but when i saw tht the “cancelled” word in it, i got pissed of and thought of activision and said why they scraped such a great game and started to hate them more because they ignore us and only care about their stupid call of duty. when i saw that everybody liked call of duty and not giving a shit about great character well most of the people not all of them , i got to be used to hate activision and their ways to ruin every game they touch and just make call of duty , seriously the closest example is skylanders spyro , look how horrbile it is , such a shame they should’ve spyro with insotamic instead not activision even crash. maybe you would disagree or agree with me, but its a fact , activision will always ignore us the fans , okay? sorry if its not a detailed and long rant because i had to it quickly people okay then , comment if you would like to tell me your thoughts on my video.

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