3WORLD! Updates: (Site related fixes)

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  • Chat is now on chatroll, alternatively there is the IRC.
  • Social sites pictured links has been refined to be smaller and better.
  • Points Ranks has been increased with several ones:
  1. #Newbie (0)
  2. #Junior (20)
  3. #Beginner (500)
  4. #Intermediate (2000)
  5. #Advanced (6000)
  6. #King (15000)
  7. #Beyond Standard! (28000)
  • Google Chrome‘s Frame now works on frontend and backend (Only non-subscriber users can see the backend)
  • Embed things that can be seen in posts that doesn’t require a advanced editor by posting the URL to generate the embed content is now usable in comments!
  • Lite version of the website is now a emergency forums in case of site hosting problems.

That’s it. 🙂

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