First Anniversary of Crashy News!

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Crashy News is now 1 year old!
Yey, since ever making this blog, I knew that the people who have seen my YouTube channel and a new, authentic and modern Crash news website would make up for a part that is still or not stuck in the past of the Crash series 🙂
My Crash Village post is the most popular post ever, and it is the first site I ever done to have the site logo revamped in less than half a year!

With the addition of the news about PlayStation‘s ll star Battle royal and Omar’s comments and “Confirmations” of Crash negations for inclusion.
And my contribution to the BringBackBandicoot Petition!
Also, some awesome homages and fanart that fans and people did, such as the CTR video, “Crash is still my hero” , and the Skit from MADtv
And finally, the ironic PS forums > Crashy News > PS forums news that lead to have one of the posts rise in viewership to about 450 viewers.
Oh, fun fact.
I made this after my “Not-so-true” deal with some guy on Activision forums about making a new crash fansite, then I didn’t feel like the guy would be trustful to me about the deal, after a few months later, Crashy News was born.
Go and check it out!

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