The Future Around Us – Things Will Be Okay

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Hello everyone. November 9th 2016 will stand as a landmark day for the world and… that marks a future that many of us have no idea what will bring. But things will be okay. The human mind, body and soul are powerful forces that will not be trifled with, so we can take any force or challenge that we may face. While some clear challenges in the future are known and scary, the world has dealt with harsh forces in the … Read More

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Out Now for Mobile Devices

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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is now available to download on iOS and Android, offering a new role-playing game in the series exclusively on mobile. The free download stars a new set of heroes, along with various summons and familiar faces that longtime fans will recognize. Brave Exvius opened for pre-registration earlier this spring, launching with a promotional campaign that promised in-game rewards for every registration. Now that the game’s out, players who start it today will be rewarded with several bonus items … Read More

Xbox Fitness Shut Down for Xbox One

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Microsoft had a lot of entertainment features for the Xbox One close to its launch and it was to attract the causal gamer or non-gamers. One such feature was Xbox Fitness and it is now getting shut down. The full press release regarding this will be listed below. Source: NeoGaf

Grand Kingdom NA Launch Trailer + LE Unboxing Video

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Grand Kingdom is a game from NIS America that released digitally last week on the PS Vita and PS4 but not is getting its retail versions on both platforms today. To celebrate, NIS America posted two videos on their YouTube Channel, one being a launch trailer and another being an unboxing video of the games limited edition. Our first impressions on the games first 8-12 hours is up now if you want to learn more about the game and our … Read More

Questionnaire: What features/changes would you like to see for 3WIREL?

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Alright, it’s open discussion time! This one won’t be featuring a poll since it is open and you can add anything about what features or changes you would like to see for 3WIREL. These will be provided by you via comments or social media replies, and we will take upon responses or considerations for future review of what could improve 3WIREL in the future. Start suggesting at will, now.

Grand Kingdom (PS Vita & PS4) – First Impressions

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This title is a new JRPG release from NIS America and Spike Chunsoft, and we will be reviewing the title next week. But due to not having a review ready however, we will instead have a first impressions post that will be structured like a normal review on 3wirel, but without any review scoring system in place.   Grand Kingdom is out now on the PlayStation Network storefront on both PlayStation Vita & PlayStation 4, with a retail release of … Read More

Sonic Generations Review – PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC

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Sonic recently celebrated his big 25th Birthday and what better way to celebrate it then going back to the game many highly regard; Sonic Generations. This title blends the Sonic of new and old into a package that pushes quality, past memories and a return to a style of level design not seen since the days on the Genesis & SEGA Dreamcast. Does the game accomplish its goal of being the grand celebration of the Sonic series, or does it … Read More

Celebrating an Anniversary – Sonic the Hedgehog Part III

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We continue our celebration of the Sonic series with a long article covering Sonic’s life on the SEGA Dreamcast and his introduction to Nintendo platforms. This is where everything changes for Sonic, and the time where the series experiments with a lot of new features. But it is still Sonic at its core and many hold fond memories of his run on the Dreamcast and his first GameCube adventure.