Green of Gaming: Legend of Zelda (Breath of the Wild Kiosk Impressions – Theme Color)

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The Legend of Zelda is one of Nintendo’s most profitable and prolific franchises in terms of popularity and critical reception, it has spawned numerous titles, spinoffs and other mediums all around. Like many franchises that follow the trilogy pillar, the first game is usually good but not great, then the sequel follows up and it becomes even better than expected, the third ramps it up even further. Well, The Zelda series has been kinda weird with the main-line series time gaps … Read More

Five Nights at Freedy’s: The Twisted Ones – New Book (‘Silver Eyes’ Sequel) Announced

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Five Nights at Freedy’s is one of gaming’s most surprising new IP’s. Originating as a simple horror game being inspired by harsh criticism from prior work, game developer Scott turned the series into a juggernaut through over six game releases, a movie deal, tons of merchandise and a enjoyable book called ‘The Silver Eyes’. This was accomplished through skillful storytelling, care being put into every release and building up fascinating lore that people still try to piece together. Now that … Read More

The Future Around Us – Things Will Be Okay

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Hello everyone. November 9th 2016 will stand as a landmark day for the world and… that marks a future that many of us have no idea what will bring. But things will be okay. The human mind, body and soul are powerful forces that will not be trifled with, so we can take any force or challenge that we may face. While some clear challenges in the future are known and scary, the world has dealt with harsh forces in the … Read More

E3 Final Day Wrap Up – Games You Might Have Missed

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E3 was very hectic and we covered a lot of content the past few days on the site. From press conferences, videos, interviews and more; we covered as much as we could. Sadly, this meant missing or glossing over some of the other games announced or detailed. NeoGaf member bomblord1 decided to make a Thread on the forum covering a number of other game announcements. The announcements will be below but thank you so much for making this comprehensive list. Source: … Read More