Green of Gaming: Legend of Zelda (Breath of the Wild Kiosk Impressions – Theme Color)

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The Legend of Zelda is one of Nintendo’s most profitable and prolific franchises in terms of popularity and critical reception, it has spawned numerous titles, spinoffs and other mediums all around. Like many franchises that follow the trilogy pillar, the first game is usually good but not great, then the sequel follows up and it becomes even better than expected, the third ramps it up even further. Well, The Zelda series has been kinda weird with the main-line series time gaps between the 2nd and 3rd installment, among the handheld and spinoff titles.

Then later on, comes in the Nintendo 64, with an open-ended title like no other on the system for the series, Ocarina of Time, much like Super Mario 64, this one really pushes the system to it’s limits and explores new territories that the series hasn’t done before in the earlier games. Hath come the later eras with more great and dividing entries, especially Wind Waker, you should know by now that Nintendo is very meticulous about their franchises and having Zelda in their category is no exception.

After the long-awaited Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, I had to wonder, as someone completely new to the series, it was only a matter of time to finally say some of the impressions I had shortly playing the demo at the Nintendo Booth Store Kiosk (a few times).

The first time I got to try out BOTW, among the fact that it was also my first time getting to know and understand the purpose and layout of the Nintendo Switch, I found out that the series never had much focus on jumping between obstacles hence the previous lack of the Jump button, the world’s just vast and beautiful, not too hindered by the 900p rendering scaled up to the TV, I found myself running around the hills, collecting items and fighting the enemies most of the time. Sadly for those expecting me to talk much about the puzzles in the demo, I haven’t done much around those since I did not figure them out, I will keep coming back constantly whenever I can to figure them out, don’t worry.
The experience of being rewarded after killing an enemy, finding, cooking and crafting new weapons is quite satisfying with tons to do (I can already tell that this is just 5% of the entire game), I found out that one of the most useful cooks around when I came into the icy hills district was the cocktail of fruits with the mushroom and spicy chilli pepper, it looked appetizing as well and I really do like how the game doesn’t hold your hands too much with the obstacles, teaching the player slowly with the mechanics and abilities (I did, however, as a first-time player, ask the staff besides the kiosk to explain to me few of the things, mind you).
Since this is just a kiosk impression, I might come around later and update this post with new things that I have found out, after all, this is a Green of Gaming series post, so there is not much around that I can restrict when it comes to the style. Overall, I really am impressed by the sheer openness and variety that Breath of the Wild offers, even to someone like me who’s first actual gameplay hands-on experience is with this game alone to the series. I hope you all had a great read for this post, leave a comment, thumbs up or down and share it around.

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