THIEF reboot is coming, according to this cover…

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A new Thief game has been revealed and is scheduled to release in 2014. The new game promises to be a reboot to the Thief franchise, where you’ll once again take control of Garrett as he makes his way around “The City” stealing anything and everything to turn a profit.
The new Thief is being developed by Eidos Montreal and is planned to release on the PC, PS4 and “next gen consoles.” To keep us happy, hopefully they’ll just stick to the options and stealth that makes Thief… Well Thief. Don’t Micro-transaction the hell out of it, I’m looking at you Square Enix
This was courtesy of a Press Release, but I hear this Russian website has a lot of screenshots
Source: ScrewAttack


Amazing how much time we all waited for a new THIEF game to come out…
Here are the screenshots:

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