Oculus Rift VR Support coming to Xbox One (Upgraded Revision)

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Over the last weekend, major news outlets and reporters/insiders have been outing big news regarding the future of Xbox, specifically a major update to the Xbox One (More powerful, 6 TFLOPS, VR – Xbox One Slim) and Xbox Platform experience (Xbox TV), including the Xbox UI for Windows 10 (Comparable to Steam’s Big Picture mode).
However, one noticeable and interesting addition to all of this news is the addition of VR support, which is rumored to be compatible with Oculus Rift, which Oculus announced last year to be the primary controller from the Xbox One as a deal with Microsoft, which is not surprising seeing the workaround Microsoft is doing to pushing VR onto Windows 10.
E3’s website has added Xbox VR to its own section of companies participating of showcasing games for that category alone, it is unknown how many companies will participate, but one source says that a well-known European company is working on Xbox VR experience game with a long-running and established IP.
Microsoft is highly expected to reveal new games, and the major update for Xbox as we mentioned in the article at their E3 conference for this year, on June 13th at 9:30PM PST (Los Angeles) on Twitch and Xbox.com.
VIA: Joystiq (Engadget)
Source: The VergeArs TechnicaKotaku

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