Payday 2 Drops Microtransactions

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Detailed in a major update video for the multi-player shooter ‘Payday 2’, the game will be dropping micro-transactions going forward. The community of the game did not like this move the developers made when they originally put micro-transactions into the game last year, so this news should make many happy who enjoyed the game in the past or currently.
NeoGaf Member KDR_11k explained the video in detail:
“According to the video they’re changing it so new safes don’t require drills anymore. This change is not retroactive, possibly because the current safes and drills are already on the Steam Marketplace in their current form. It seems like selling skins on the Marketplace will still be possible. Of course the game’s business model still relies on regularly released DLC packs to fund further development. Unlike microstransactions however these aren’t repeatable or blind purchases, you know exactly what each DLC contains. If you haven’t kept up, the “pay2win” part, the stat bonuses that came with some skins, have been detached from the skins in a previous update and are now earned and equipped separately in a weapon’s stat bonus slot.”
This is great news for Payday 2 as a service going forward.
Source: NeoGaf & Overkill Software’s YouTube Channel

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