Grand Kingdom Getting Demo Version on PS Vita and PS4

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NIS America is releasing a LITE Demo version of their upcoming title on the PS Vita and PS4. It is playable on PS Vita and PS4 June 7th for NA PSN users and June 8th for EU PSN Users. We will post impressions on the demo when it goes live.

Source: NIS America VIA Grand Kingdom Web Site

Press Release

“In addition to be able to play the early stages of campaign quests, you can participate in online battles. You can carry over save data to the product version! Also available in Europe on June 8th, 2016.”

Grand Kingdom LiteDEMO Contents

– Quest: Campaign Quest for Chapters 1 & 2
– War: 1 War per day and you can participate in either one invasion battle or one defense battle per day. Wars can be played after completing Chapter 2 of campaign quests.
– Available Classes: Fighter, Hunter, Witch, Medic
– War Contracts: Can make contracts with any of the Four Great Nations
– Number of Units: 10 units
– Number of Troops: 1 troop
– Facilities: Available to use Blacksmith | Trading Post | National Shop like the product version

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