Ready At Dawn – Deformers Announced for PS4, Xbox One & PC

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Studio Ready at Dawn is known for a very impressive line up of games, including PSP games Daxter and God of War Ghost of Sparta and making a visually impressive action shooter The Order 1886 in 2015.
They announced that they have three games in production; a VR title, smaller scale game and a AAA multiplatform title they have in pre-production as of now. Today,t hey announced the smaller scale game called De-Formers. The game is a 8-Player multiplayer title and it looks to be very colorful and fun. It is being published by GameStop and it joins Insomniac Game’s Song of the Deep as titles the retail chain is publishing.
Here is what the studio said the goal of the game was: “In addition to exploring soft body physics simulation development, Deformers was also an opportunity for Ready At Dawn to pursue something new for the studio: multiplayer. Pessino said the developer has plans well beyond what we saw for the game, including more power-ups, characters, arenas and gameplay modes — though the studio wants to make sure the core gameplay is simple and balanced. “There’s going to be a lot more of everything,” he said.”
More on this as the story develops but Polygon recently released a preview on the game, so give that a look if you want further information on the title. 
Source: Polygon & NeoGaf

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