[VIDEO] DotEmu: Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap (Remake) Reveal Trailer

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We are working on a modern version of cult classic Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap! A close collaboration between Lizardcube, DotEmu and legendary series creator Ryuichi Nishizawa, based on Westone Bit Entertainment’s original masterpiece.

Cursed into a half-human, half-lizard monstrosity by the Meka-Dragon, a lonesome adventurer is facing the challenge of a lifetime! In search for a cure, our mutated anti-hero will explore the many traps of Monster Land… and defeat many stuff-throwing, curse-wielding dragons.

How many more transformations can one hopeful body survive as it turns into a Lizard, a Mouse, a Piranha, a Lion, and a Hawk… The six different forms of our shape-shifting hero make up the cast of this non-stop action-adventure platformer!

(c) LAT 2016, all rights reserved
(c) DotEmu 2016, all rights reserved
Developed by Lizardcube in Paris, France
Published by DotEmu in Paris, France
Teaser music & audio by www.RomainGauthier.net

Facebook: www.facebook.com/TheDragonsTrap
Twitter: www.twitter.com/lizardcube / www.twitter.com/dotemu

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