[RUMOR] – New Batman game staring Damian Wane in Development

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After how successful the Arkham series has been for WB Games, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that they plan on making more Batman games. It is rumored that a new one is in production.
“Before I continue, I’d like to let everyone know that the following information should be treated strictly as rumor. I know and trust my source, and while this information was reported to him/her in August, things are always subject to change. That said, here’s what they found out. There is, indeed, a new Batman game in development, and there’s a twist: The story takes place in the not-too-distant future, and the primary protagonist is actually the original Batman’s son. The city will not only be bigger, but will actually show more signs of Gotham’s population than ever before, meaning the ‘city has been evacuated’ plot thread is being left by the wayside (which is smart, because my primary concern with the latter Arkham games is just how empty and lifeless the world feels). The story will also not unfold in the span of a single night (day and night cycles, perhaps?). It’s unknown if the Batmobile will be playable, but it’s said we’ll have access to the Batcycle. As you progress throughout the game, players will have the opportunity to upgrade the Batcave. The biggest question of all is, “Who’s developing this game?” This, unfortunately, was not mentioned. Personally, I don’t believe Rocksteady will be behind it. With enough money being offered it’s certainly possible, but Rocksteady have already expressed a desire to move on.”
Source: NeoGaf VIA Byte-Size Impressions

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