Final Fantasy XII HD Remaster Announced for PS4

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Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD was a big success for Square Enix when it launched on PS3, PS Vita and PS4, so them working on a remaster of the next major installment the series got on the PS2 isn’t shocking, more so after hints last fall.

The remastered version of XII HD is going to be based off the JP-only Zodiac Edition that adds a lot of fixes & features to the original XII game. In addition, updated visuals and the other features we got from the X/X-2 HD Collection will follow here such as a remastered soundtrack and trophy support.

Other features include:
-Background, character model, fonts and all 2D parts are higher resolution
-Movie scenes are higher resolution
-Uses current-gen graphics tech
-7.1 surround sound
-Higher quality audio
-Japanese and English voice
-Option between original BGM and newly recorded BGM
-Shorter loading time
-Auto-save feature
-Turbo mode
One thing that is very interesting is the lack of a PS Vita version of the title, considering Square Enix is releasing more games for the platform in 2016 in both Japan and in Western markets plus the fact they released the X/X-2 HD Collection on Vita alongside the PS3 release. More on this as further information comes out.
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