Might No. 9 – Future Plans Detailed by Inafune

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The upcoming title Mighty No. 9 is releasing this June on many platforms, and Inafune discussed his plans for the IP’s future. Ranging from wanting to push ahead with the films and anime versions of the IP too sequel plans are detailed below.

Source: Siliconera

  • “We deeply apologize to the fans and backers for having taken much longer than expected. I learned again how difficult it can be to make a game”
  • “(The reason of delay) was not because we were shorthanded, but due to how we were going to sell it, and then biting more than we can chew after declaring that it will be released for all the hardware. But it was a good [learning] experience.”
  • “What I thought about most while making this game was ‘I want to show the greatness of Japanese games. When listening to fans of Japanese games abroad, you often hear them say ‘Japanese games used to be great. I worked on this game in hopes of getting those people to say ‘this is good’ again.”
  • “One more thing I’d like to say is that Mighty no. 9 is a [set of] ‘contents,’ meaning it’s not just a game. We’re also moving forward in an anime and live action film for it. Development for a sequel is already in our minds, and we all share the feeling of ‘we’ll do it even if it doesn’t sell’.”


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