Microsoft E3 Conference – Breakdown

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Microsoft’s conference happened today and they went over a lot of major announcements. They announced two new versions of the Xbox One, one being the S and the long rumored Project Socropo. The former is releasing this year and is a much smaller Xbox that you need to buy a new controller for while the later is releasing late 2017 and will be far more powerful then both the Xbox One and Xbox One S.

One key thing Microsoft pushed was ‘Everything works on ALL Xbox Ones’. So, people won’t be left behind going forward. Other major console announcements include a program that has a big focus on cross-buy; a number of titles like Sea of Thieves will be releasing with cross-buy support for both Windows 10 and Xbox platforms.
New gaming announcements include the rumored zombie titles State of Decay 2 which is Xbox One/Windows 10 exclusive and Dead Rising 4 which is unclear whenever or not it is coming to PlayStation or not. But it was announced for Xbox One and Windows 10.
Announced games like Sea of Thieves, Halo Wars, Gears of War 4, and more were shown off with new trailers and gamplay footage.
Overall, Microsoft’s conference was solid with a lot of great announcements. I personally think they handled the Socropo announcement very well.
Articles for trailers of announced games and sections will be up shortly.

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