Sony E3 Conference – Breakdown

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This conference was very impressive, mainly focusing on large-scaled titles and no indie games getting major attention. But the event as a whole was personally, one of the best Sony ever put out to me.

The first game announced was Santa Monica’s God of War. It looks to mirror the rumors, with it being set in Norse Mythology and Kratos looking far older. But some key differences include the combat system being very different from past games, Krato’s himself being kinder to others and the fact he has his own son. It was the opening game of the show with a live orchestra and was very impressive.
Other announced games like Horizon and Detroit got new demos on stage but Sony Bend announced their new project called Days Gone. It’s set up appears to mirror the Last of Us in a few ways but the world is more open and the game throwing hundreds of creatures at you.
Some major VR announcements during the event include VR games using the Star Wars and Batman IP but one title stood out; Resident Evil VII. It will be in first person and will mirror the horror-like tone the original three games created compared to recent titles. A demo of the game is set to go live on PSN later tonight.
More strong third party partners ships continue, with Call of Duty Advanced Warfare looking very impressive with things being more open compared to past titles but this lead to the most shocking announcement of the show; Crash Bandicoot is back.
The rumors of his Skylanders appearance were true, but he will also be getting a complete imagining of the original trilogy on PS4 sometime in the future. Keep an eye on Crashy News for more personal thoughts on how Crash can work in Skylanders in the coming week.
Another shocking announcement is that Insomniac Games, makers of Ratchet & Clank, Sunset Overdrive, Resistance and Spyro the Dragon are making a Spider-Man game for the PS4. This was completely unexpected, as despite rumors coming out, I did not expect this to happen.
It was shown with a gameplay trailer and it looked far along in development. More on the title as news comes out on the game.
One last major third party announcement is that Kojima Productions is making a game for PlayStation 4, with the game finally being announced today. It is called Death Stranding and it looked very impressive. It might be a successor to Silent Hills but it could not as well. But it was unnerving and had a sharply horror like tone.
Last Guardian got a new trailer as well with an October release date announced. The game finally coming out this year is nice to hear honestly.
More announcements will be covered in other posts in the next hour but this conference blew me away personally. Many things were shown off so well and the surprises? They were impressive.

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