Nintendo E3 – Dragon Quest VII wasn’t originally going to be Localized

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This is very interesting to hear; Nintendo and Fan Demand is the major factors to why we will be able to play Dragon Quest VII on our 3DS systems this year.

During the Treehouse Live stream from E3 2016, Square-Enix revealed that they originally had no plans to localize Dragon Quest VII. This was due to the large amount of text in the game, which would take an insane amount of work. This decision was turned around when Square-Enix heard the fan outpouring for the game to be localized. In specific, fan letters and a petition were noted as the reasons why the decision was made to localize.

Square-Enix looked at the efforts fans had to having the series come to western markets once more and from working with Nintendo, the Dragon Quest series returned on 3DS systems. Nintendo’s efforts also helped them decide to localize Dragon Quest Heroes last fall on the PlayStation 4 after Hyrule Warriors critical and commercial success.
Source: Go Nintendo

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