Update – Spyro Collection Piece Removed Due to Unreliable Sources

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The article is removed until more evidence/sources are gathered. We will be talking to Edson tomorrow about this rumor and if we find clear sources, we will restore the article with links to them. Thank you all for your time and have a great day.
Hello everyone. Just making a very important post to talk about the Spyro Rumor I commented on. It seemed promising but this information comes very shortly after the Crash Remaster announcement and it could very easily be wrong.
Upon further research after question Edson, we were not happy with the sources he had, so we decided that the original rumor article will NOT be put up on the site. For those interested, the rumor he shared with us is that Spyro was going to get two remasters focusing on console & handheld games across the series.
With that in mind, please take the rumor I posted with a grain of salt and we will be looking into this rumor with more depth/detail this week. If we find no reliable information backing up this clam, we WILL remove the article from the site.
Thank you all for your time and have a great night. Please do not get disappointed if the rumor does not pan out, as I understand. I love the Spyro series and want a new game to happen in it too. But if this does not happen, just know that rumors can be false sometimes.

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