IGN – Sonic Boom Fire & Ice Demo Impressions

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IGN had JONATHON DORNBUSH play Sonic Boom Fire & Ice this E3 event and he had a lot to say on the game. He market it as a big improvement over Shattered Crystal and how the game mirrors past 2D Sonic titles. More from the article will be at the source link but its great to hear Sonic Boom Fire & Ice get more positive impressions from major gaming outlets.

As I took corners with reckless abandon, running up walls and hopping on springs, I was reminded of the best modern attempts to bring back the blue hedgehog, Sonic Rush and Sonic Generations. Fire & Ice looks to be hewing more closely to Sonic’s traditional formula, though it will have to prove the full suite of levels can live up to the standards of those stronger entries.

The levels I played still featured light exploration, with varying paths and items to collect, but they didn’t detrimentally obstruct my mad dash to the end of the level. Exploring branching paths employs the game’s titular mechanic—Sonic and the other playable characters can switch between fire and ice powers. I couldn’t travel through water, but my ice powers could freeze the surface so Sonic could skid across, and if a chunk of ice blocked my path, switching to my flames allowed me to melt any obstructions.

The Boom franchise didn’t start off on the most positive note, but, from my short time with the game, Sanzaru has seemingly learned the lessons needed to make Sonic’s latest adventure one worth speeding through and not speeding by

Source: IGN

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