Resident Evil 7 – Famitsu Interview Translated by Play-Asia

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Resident Evil 7 is quite the surprise announcement from Sony’s E3 Conference, with it trying a first person perspective in a mainline installment and taking notes from other titles like Outlast and the sadly scrapped P.T. (Silent Hills). This is to recapture the fear and tension the first three Resident Evil titles had.

The full interview will be at the source link, but this has some very interesting choice quotes, which I will post below. You can play a demo of the now on the PS4 if you have PlayStation Plus, with the game releasing January 2017 on PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One. It fully supports PlayStation VR at launch as well.

I have some many questions regarding the new game, but primarily at what time is this game set?
Kawada: I can’t go in-depth at this time, all I will say is that it is set after the events of Resident Evil 6.
We all decided to go back to its roots to design a “complete horror experience”, although, we wanted to show the weakness of the main character being your average person who is thrown into this nightmare not knowing what to do or what lies ahead, that is the main concept of this game.
A true horror experience needs the feeling of utter desperation, and as I’m saying this, I’m saying more than I should haha.
You also released a demo interestingly named “Resident Evil 7 Teaser -beginning hour-” across the whole world straight after the reveal at E3 which really surprised us all. Why did you decide to put it out at that time?
Nakanishi: We just wanted to say “And now you’ll be able to download and play the demo, right now!” after the reveal haha; but seriously I just want to say that the demo that’s available right now is a unique demo that we wanted to create and will not be a part of the finished title!
Kawada: There are also a few gimmicks that won’t be in the main game as well. We were designing the demo alongside developing the main game itself, that gave birth to a whole heap of problems however haha. Oh, and just so you know, the main character is not a character similar to Leon nor Chris at all.
Players who decide to replay the game will still be able to relive the horror as well as find new parts they previously never ran into in their first play through, correct?
Nakanishi: We wanted people to think “So.. where do I use this thing?” among other things that cleverly puzzle the player.
Kawada: There will be some gimmicks that people may not even run into at all. You may have a friend or partner etc who will notice something and say something like “Wait… what was that?…”. We wanted a preview of the sensation that you will be able to experience in the main game when it releases.
Nakanishi: We have a playable PlayStation VR unit available with the game set up on the floor of E3 at this very moment. A lot of fans seem worried about the changes to the essence what makes Resident Evil, but I just want to explain that even though you don’t know much about the game via the demo, the true essence of Resident Evil will definitely be shining brightly!
Kawada: I’m sure you’ve felt the Resident Evil atmosphere in the -beginning hour- Teaser.

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