Capcom – How Capcom plans to fix Street Fighter V

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Capcom is planing on fixing major issues that pushed people away from Street Fighter V, and thanks to an interview with Gamespot, we have a clear idea how they plan to fix the game in the future. Will be posting choice quotes from the interview but the full one will be at the source link.

Source: GameSpot

-Ibuki coming to SFV a month later:

Matt Dahlgren: I don’t think we have complete specifics on what it allowed us to achieve. The character just wasn’t ready to deploy at that time frame. We needed to ensure that the quality was going to be as high as possible and felt like the June update timeframe was better timing for our release.

-Comments on lack of content:

MD: I think the gameplay itself was actually very polished. In terms of being a triple-A fighting game experience, I think the dev team absolutely nailed that. I think that is the core of what makes a good fighting game and why I believe Street Fighter V will stand the test of time. I do think that we could have had a stronger single-player offering at launch and obviously we ran into some hiccups with our online infrastructure. We’ve been working as hard as possible to deliver the best possible experience for those.

I believe that after the June update goes live with the cinematic Story mode, [Street Fighter V] will be a complete full offering and people will really see the vision that we had in mind for the game. After that point it’s really the product that will live up to expectations.

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