Lost Games – Eco the Dolphin II (SEGA Dreamcast) Recovered

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Ecco II DC 7
Eco is a series near and dear to SEGA fans, as it released across the SEGA Genesis and Dreamcast for a few titles. The series landed on the Dreamcast with Defender of the Future. A sequel was planed but never released sadly. But it was recovered recently and can be played on a retail SEGA Dreamcast. Below is a video showing off the game and more.
Source: Retro Collect

Long thought to be only available to those collectors lucky enough to own a Dreamcast development kit, the unreleased Ecco II: Sentinels of the Universe has been released to the internet at large by Hidden Palace as a self-booting CDI.
This of course means that anyone can now download it, burn the image to CD-R and play this continuaton of Ecco’s adventure on a standard Dreamcast console. The game is far from complete, and this is evidenced by the lack of sound effects, music and the debug menu being visible during gameplay…but as a glimpse at what the future held for both Ecco and the Dreamcast, this really is hard to top.


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