Hideki Kamiya – Scalebound “The biggest game of my career”

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The upcoming Xbox One & Windows 10 Platinum Games title ‘Scalebound’ is a massive project for its producer Kamiya. He feels this way about the project too, saying its one of his biggest projects he ever produced.
It is a promising project, focusing on co-op action and massive creatures you fight across the game. We will do further coverage on this title when more information comes out.
Source: NeoGaf 

The title of the game speaks to the dragon’s hide and Drew’s apparent affliction, but also gives a sense of the size you can expect of Scalebound. “It’s actually the biggest game I’ve ever made, in my entire career,” says Kamiya. “Putting the technical implementation aside, the player experience we want players to have is to be able to seamlessly explore a very large world and go where you want to inside of this world. You saw how big our boss was. And our dragons aren’t exactly small! So just by corollary you have to have a very large world to house these creatures, they don’t live in Hobbit homes, they have huge places they need to inhabit so our world is quite large.”
Scalebound is a game Platinum has been trying to make for a very long time with “start and stop prototypes”. But this time it’s coming together. “I think it’s a combination of technology advancing and our skills as developers advancing,” says Kamiya. “And also finding a publisher that wanted to take a bet on something as big as Scalebound. All those things came together at the right time and we were finally able to get it off the ground.”

Source: NeoGaf 

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