Shovel Knight New Content Rollout – Specter Knight Campaign + PS Vita Retail Version

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Yacht Club Games announced future plans for Shovel Knight, with them going into detail how Specter Knight is going to work in the game. In addition, a limited print retail version for PlayStation Vita was announced too, saying it is coming out soon.

We will be reviewing Shovel Knight as a whole once Specter Knight’s campaign releases in the future.
Source: Yacht Club Games Site

Specter Knight Content Detailed


Press Attack to unleash a frightfully fast slash! Great for getting a hit in or striking an enemy before they can strike you!

Dash Slash!

The Dash Slash is one of Specter Knight’s most important skills for both combat and mobility! Jump into the air, line up your strike, and press Attack to make a diving slash toward the enemy!

Facing a tough foe? Line up repeated strikes and cut them down to size!

The Dash Slash can dive downwards or rise upwards! Initiate the attack while above an enemy to slash downwards, or start the attack from below to cut upwards! Master this technique to reach new heights!

Wall Climb!

Specter Knight makes up for his low jump height with peerless climbing abilities! If there’s a wall– there’s a way!

Move into almost any wall or ledge and Specter Knight will begin climbing. Once he reaches the top he’ll leap up to the higher ground. Specter Knight can only climb a set distance before falling or jumping away though so be sure to plan your path accordingly!

Combine Climb and well-timed Dash Slashes to traverse the terrain with ease!

Plans for Future Updates/Content

  • We’re working on two new campaigns: Specter Knight and King Knight.
  • Campaigns will not be releasing at the same time. Specter Knight will be released first!
  • No estimated release date for any Update quite yet.
  • Similar to our last update, we’ll probably go overboard too. Hey! Maybe that’s why we’re called Yacht Club Games!
  • New campaigns will come with new Feats and Challenges for the new campaign character!
  • We’re also working on two new modes: Body Swap and Battle Mode!
  • Just like Plague of Shadows releasing with Challenge Mode, we’re planning to release one of these new modes alongside each campaign.
  • Battle Mode is being designed as a single screen, multiple controller, multiplayer mode and is currently not planned to arrive on handheld versions of the game. We’ll be sure to announce if there are any changes on that front.
  • Much like Plague of Shadows, all of the announced upcoming Shovel Knight content will be free on ALL platforms! For disc/cart and digital versions!

PS Vita Retail Version Information

Shovel Knight
Platform: PlayStation®Vita
Price: $24.99
Ship Date: Early October
Pre-order on FanGamer!

  • Includes a lovingly crafted, full color, 42 page instruction manual!
  • Game version 2.0 just like the original 2015 retail release. Complete with the Plague of Shadows campaign, Challenge Mode, and a very special guest: Kratos from God of War!
  • This version will receive free upcoming updates just like the digital PS Vita version. Including Specter Knight’s campaign, King Knight’s campaign, and Body Swap Mode.
  • Shares the same trophy/game data as the digital PS Vita release.
  • Transfer your save file from other Sony platforms using the in-game Cross-Save menu!
  • Region-free so you can enjoy Shovel Knight no matter where you are!

A big thank you to Vita and Shovel Knight fans everywhere for letting us know this is something you wanted to see happen! And, of course, for sticking with us while we figured out how to make it happen!

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