SEGA: “Sonic Games Need to Be Great Going Forward”

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Sonic is recently focused on providing quality, as SEGA and Sonic Team repeately said over the past year or so, but this was reassured during another interview in celebration of his 25th Birthday the other day.

Once, long ago, Sonic was Sega’s answer to Mario– and this was something that was reflected in the games’ quality, which was more or less equivalent to Nintendo’s platforming franchise. But while Nintendo took great care to maintain and cultivate the quality of the Mario brand, Sega ran Sonic into the ground with increasingly ill conceived games, all of which missed the point of the original games, all of which were poorly received, until now, Sonic, much like Sega itself, represents lost opportunity more than anything else.
And this is something that Sega are determined to change going forward. On the cusp of the Sonic 25th Anniversary game announcement next month, Takashi Iizuka, VP of product development and creative services, told MCV, “We want to release good titles to all the players, and that is the challenge for us moving forward – making sure our games are great.”

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2 Comments on “SEGA: “Sonic Games Need to Be Great Going Forward””

  1. I mean, they obviously should.
    I was quite happy with Generations, liked Lost World, but they are still mismanaged and led to Rise of Lyric (BRB) being a colossal mess when it launched (I always was skeptical about its initial reveal)
    I’m hoping Sonic Team and SEGA can pull it off with the new game and movie..

    1. I agree completely; Sonic should have consistent quality like they did with Colors, Generations and Lost World. I hope that this new game will be fantastic and they will have a tight leash on future Sonic productions.

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