Miyamoto: Link Always the Hero + Shiek Spin-off A possiblity

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GK: We regularly talk about the possibility to include a female character in a Zelda game for several years. Considering her important role in the story and the name of the series, can we expect to see in the future a game with Zelda as the main protagonist? If Tingle managed to have two games in his glory on DS, surely it is possible to do something, right?
Miyamoto: We clearly talked with the team to make a game centered about Sheik, so I cannot say it is impossible to see something of the sort in the future, but in the classic games in the series, Link is the hero and that will not change. For the rest, you have to be patient and see what happens!

Miyamoto, one of the lead creative minds at Nintendo, stated that future Zelda titles, Link will always be the hero but also suggested that spin-offs with the Zelda character Sheik is also something they are considering. This comes after Breath of the Wild’s impressive E3 showing and after comments from Zelda producers that Link will not be female in future games.
Source: Zelda Informer

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