3WIREL! Site Update (Minor): A picture within a thousand words..

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3WIREL! has just received a minor but useful update to one of its main functions on the frontend (logged in and out), this includes: fixes to functions below the banner and enhancements to it.
Changelog (26th June 2016 – Sunday):

  • Fixed overflow dropdown menu issue for both logged in and out frontends
  • Enhanced logged out menu (iconology and divider added with a new link: Privacy)
  • Added a new avatar menu with same enhancements done from logged out view, now for logged in view
  • Other changes include brief descriptions for categories/topics with a new category in the menu: Tech
  • Other minor enhancements have been also done to some functions and cosmetic changes

That’s all for the recent changes in the site, major changes will be announced as soon as planning phase is assured to begin later next month (hopefully).

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