Archie Comics – Sonic the Hedgehog Origin Story Arc Announced for Main Comic Series

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Despite how Classic Sonic is getting spotlight in the comic world though two one-off adventures with Sonic Mega Drive and a sequel comic focusing on a fight between Classic Sonic & Metal Sonic, we are also getting a origin story for the Blue Blur in the mainline comic series.
This is very interesting to see, as it implies that SEGA’s ban on Classic Sonic designs and characters is far more lax then it was in the past.

Interestingly, up until recently the classic designs of characters were off limits, with characters like classic Eggman being seen in the shadows or obscured when flashbacks occurred. This all changed in February of 2016 when Archie revealed that they had a special one shot titled “Sonic: Mega Drive” planned. The story was said to take place after the events of Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles and was to only feature characters from the video games. Fans were curious if this special was to exist in a separate video game universe continuity, and this was seemingly the case, however Archie then hinted that the story would connect to the ongoing series in some way. Since then, a follow-up one shot titled “Sonic: Mega Drive – The Next Level” was announced and will continue the story and throw Metal Sonic into the mix.

What this could mean, is that Classic Sonic might be spun off into its own sub-series in the Sonic IP, just like how Sonic Boom has a game series & a TV Show. Very interesting to see and hopefully we will learn more about both this comic’s story-line and how SEGA plans to use Classic Sonic in future game titles.
Source: SEGA Bits

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