Skylanders Imaginators – DK and Bowser Figures + Vehicles Supported

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I: What about some of the characters from the previous team up with Nintendo in SuperChargers? Are the Bowser and Donkey Kong amiibo Skylanders still going to work in Imaginators on the Wii U and 3DS platforms?
DN: “They are. We support all Skylanders from all previous Skylanders games, which is over 300 playable characters at this point. We also support the vehicles from SuperChargers. And, the SuperChargers race tracks are actually included inside of Skylanders Imaginators. So, if you do have vehicles from Skylanders SuperChargers, you can use them with Imaginators to race on those tracks. But, you can also race on those tracks with a digital vehicle, so you don’t even need a [physical] vehicle to enjoy racing in Imaginators.”

Thanks to NeoGaf user Hero of Legend for pointing this out, we now know that Skylanders Imaginators will not only support Nintendo-only characters in the Wii U version of the game but also the fact all the vehicles from SuperChargers will work with the new wave of Skylanders in a series of race tracks.
Source: NeoGaf

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