Marvelous PS Vita Games Uppers and Valkyrie Drive Getting Localized?

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Uppers and Valkyrie Drive are projects many Vita owners want to see get localized, as both titles feature fast action, colorful visuals and feature promising gameplay. No official announcements on both titles came regarding there chances of being localized, but two details came out recently that indicate both are either in the works of getting localized or are planed on getting localized in the future.
Update: Valkyrie Drive was confirmed to be localized in 2016 by PQube Games.
Sources: Niche Gamer (Uppers Trophy Leak) & NeoGaf (Valkyrie Drive Listing Leak)

Uppers recently received English Trophies, as reported by Niche Gamer:

It seems like Marvelous is probably localizing their PS Vita brawler, Uppers.
The new hint comes from English-language trophies for the game surfacing, via Exophase. The game is currently slated for a July 14th release in Japan.
The game is currently not planned for a western release, however we’ll keep you guys posted.

This could indicate that the game is in the process of getting localized, but this happened with another projects, Valkyrie Drive, and it didn’t get localized or got announcements of future localization…….
…..But Valkyrie Drive did get announced for localization in some way recently however.

As posted on the Screen Cap found from NeoGaf, the site ShopTo listed Valkyrie Drive as a number fourth top pre-order….but the game wasn’t announced yet. This site handles EU pre-orders and it indicates that P-Qube (publisher of other Marvelous titles in EU markets) more or less implied that it will be getting localized via Tweet.

This is great news for Vita owners, as this is two more games coming over from Japan to western shores for the platform. We will cover more on the story as it develops.

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