World End Economica (PS Vita & PS4) Localized in 2017 – Published by Limited Run Games

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World End Economica

Developed by Spicy Tails, World End Economica is a three-part visual novel series from Spice and Wolf writer Isuna Hasekura.
The PlayStation 4 and PS Vita release will feature all three chapters of World End Economica compiled into one release and be made available digitally via the PlayStation Store and physically via a partnership with Limited Run Games. Both physical versions will feature reversible covers and include a pre-order bonus that will be revealed closer to release. World End Economica Kickstarter backers will have early access to pre-orders.
Here’s an overview of the story:

Set in the far future on the moon, a mere 16 years after humans have begun to colonize it, a young boy named Haru has been chasing his wildest dream – a dream to stand where no man has stood before. But in order to do so he needs capital, a ludicrous amount of capital! What better place to seek out and raise that capital than the stock market? However, there are two key rules that govern the stock market:
The first rule: Never take a loss.
The second rule: Never forget the first.
Only those who follow these rules are able to obtain enormous wealth….

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