Gal*Gun Double Peace Release Pushed Back due to Manufacturing Reasons & Uncensored from JP Version

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This title from Inti-Crates and published by PCube is coming out this summer but it will be slightly pushed back for a week or so.

Gal*Gun: Double Peace, the very tongue-in-cheek on-rails shooter from Inti Creates, has had its western release delayed by about 2 weeks. Western publisher PQube Games confirmed the news this morning with a tweet clarifying that the title is now releasing on July 29th in the UK and August 2nd in North America. Although the company hasn’t confirmed the reasons for this slight delay,considering a similar delay occurred for NIS America’s Grand Kingdom when that publisher faced manufacturing issues it seems likely that this is the case here as well. With all that being said, the specific reasons for this delay are relatively moot as the end result is the same either way. Gamers looking forward to Gal*Gun: Double Peace will have a little longer to wait before they can get their hands on the title’s western release.

The game still is coming very soon and the digital version might release before the retail version, not unlike NIS America’s Grand Kingdom. Another thing worth noting is that Gal*Gun is releasing in NA & EU markets uncensored, meaning the game will line up with its JP release content wise.
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