Flat Kingdom Art Style Discussed by José Luis Acosta Calva

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Flat Kingdom is a 2D platformer inspired by titles like Paper Mario, Sonic the Hedgehog and Guacamelee that has you switching between three forms (square, triangle, circle) with each one offering different abilities to explore the world around you.
The game recently got a re-release called ‘Paper Cut Edition’ that is out now on PC and coming soon to PS4 and they changed up the art direction of the game for this new release. The article listed at the source link has the creator of the game going into how he came to this new art direction and explained a little bit on the games development. It is a great read and consider giving it some attention.
We will be reviewing Flat Kingdom late this coming weekend.
Source: Gamasutra

What can we really do and how to do it as best as possible.

When we answered that question, we took a step back from development to think things over and make a wise choice. Here in the art department we had a lot of experience drawing and animating in 2D, so we decided to put all that talent and expertise to good use, and well, the game may not be a triple-A graphic style dream project, but we managed to reach a unique style and we’re very pleased with the results.

Searching for uniqueness.


Here you have some of the main Flat Kingdom references.

One of the strongest influences throughout the process was everything we found made with paper ( cuts , origami, etc.) those very geometric ways helped me a lot to easily abstract certain things to their simplest form. There were games that served as a reference, as Paper Mario, Guacamelee , Alto’s Adventure, and the Kirby series, among others.

Our most relevant artistic references were :

  • Medieval Art : Whether caricatures or real references or fantasy films .

  • Pop up Books: As books for young children, they show relief and depth between objects.

  • Geometry: Imposing geometric figures on all scenarios and force the enemies shape.

  • Alto’s Adventure: Flat Design, style color, very fine design and minimalism.

  • Paper Mario : The outline style characters , origami , and flat shapes .

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