Darksiders Remaster Coming to Current Generation Platforms?

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It was reported on NeoGaf that the original Darksiders, originally releasing on PS3/360/PC, is coming to the PS4/Xbox One/Wii U through a remaster by Nordic Games. This was discovered through listings on GameFly and while the links are currently dead, it was reported that an action title from Nordic was coming to the Wii U.

With Darksiders II currently out on all three current generation platforms through ports (Wii U) and remasters (PS4/Xbox One), this could indicate interest in fostering an audience for Darksiders future titles or simply releasing a fun action/adventure game on current gen platforms that Nordic has full rights to (as they own the Darksiders IP after purchasing it from THQ). Either way, this is great news for fans of the series and we will be covering more as the story develops.
Sources: NeoGaf Threads made by Hero of Legend

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