ReCore (Microsoft/Armature) Releasing at 40$ This September

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The upcoming action adventure title from the talented developers at Armature (former Metroid Prime developers) are releasing ReCore later this year. Microsoft came out to announce that its releasing at a lower price point to avoid issues after its launch, considering its releasing against big titles like Final Fantasy XV and more this September. Microsoft’s official comment will be listed below.
Source: NeoGaf

When ReCore releases in September, interested parties will notice the game runs around $20 less than a typical new release.
The lower price point, according to Xbox marketing boss Aaron Greenberg, boils down to ReCore being a new franchise – even though it has well-known developer Keiji Inafune attached.
ReCore will also be released in September, which can be a hit or miss month for game releases. This year, September is mainly an “expansion” and sports game month, so there aren’t many action-adventure titles for the Comcept and Armature Studio-developed game to content with.
Plus, the release window is just ahead of the holiday rush which is packed with big franchise releases. With an open release month and a lower cost of $40 in lieu of the usual $60, the lack of a price barrier will also, hopefully, convince customers to give the game a shot.
“We wanted there to be no barriers, Greenberg said in the latest TXR Podcast (via GameSpot). “We wanted to be able to give you a great triple-A title that gives you $60 of value but if you aren’t sure, not let that be the barrier of a trade-off. That’s why we priced it at $40. We hope that will increase its chances of having success as a new IP.
“With new IP like that, launch timing matters a lot. So that’s why you’re seeing us launch it as our first title of the season, getting it out early. The second thing is it doesn’t have an existing base of fans. So we have to build that fan base, earn their trust [and] earn their dollar.”
During E3 2016 last month, Alex was able to get his hands on a demo of the Microsoft exclusive. He described ReCore as “a little bit Metroid Prime, a little bit Mega Man.” If you missed his impressions of the demo, you can give it a read through the link.
ReCore will be released September 13 in North America and September 16 in Europe. It features cross-play and cross-save between Windows 10 and Xbox One.


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