Code:Hardcore Announced – 2D Mech Action Platformer for PS4/Steam/XB1

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This recently announced title is a 2D platformer pulling inspiration from a number of sources. Developer comments and press statements are below but the game looks very promising. No word on a release date and more information will be posted as the story develops.

Source: NeoGaf

“I played the 2nd Super Robot Wars in junior high school and couldn’t stop loving this franchise from that time. At the same time, Super Robot Wars has taught me how to make animations. I think for fighting scenes, only SD mechas can make the most powerful moves. To make awesome animation for those fatty mecha, the animation itself is really cool.”
“So the Gundam Versus franchise gives us some inspirations on control layout but actually there are many differences between Gundam Versus and Code: HARDCORE. In that, our focus is more on “free” and “manual”. Players do not only stare at their enemy but also control shooting and movement by themselves. The possibilities are infinite. We think this is what every mecha fan really wants. Players should deal with situations in the battlefield, apply their own tactics and combat skills but not press one key to perform those fixed movements. Maybe Titanfall also gave us inspiration to make us want to do pilot evacuation functionality.”

  • High quality 2D sprite work a la Super Robot Wars
  • Multiple mecha to use
  • Steam/PS4/XBox One
  • Multiplayer

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