Metroid Prime Blast Ball (Free Demo) Detailed

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With the release of Metroid Prime Blast Ball, Nintendo put out a press release explaining the game with great detail. This includes Amiibo Support and more explained. You can also use your Amiibo to unlock costumes for your Power Suits if you can in Super Mario & Metroid amiibo into the game.

Source: Nintendo UK & NeoGaf


•Go head-to-head with other players in a futuristic sport set in the Metroid Prime universe!
•Use your blaster to fire a gigantic ball into your opponents’ goal, and give yourself an advantage with power-ups!
•Try to best your foes in 3 vs. 3 match-ups via Local Play, Download Play** or even online*![/

Gameplay and Features

Blast into action

Climb aboard your Mech and buckle up for adrenaline-pumping sports action in Metroid Prime: Blast Ball, available to download for free* from Nintendo eShop only on Nintendo 3DS family systems! Go head-to-head in exhilarating, 3-on-3 multiplayer matches in this unique futuristic sport, combining the end-to-end thrills of football with mechanised mayhem and power-ups aplenty.

A competitive team sport for up to six players, Blast Ball forms part of the basic training for the Federation Force. Players pilot their Mechs around the arena and shoot the ball using their blaster, with the ultimate objective of scoring three times in the opposition goal within the five minute time limit.
Play your way

Metroid Prime: Blast Ball can be enjoyed by up to six players simultaneously via Local Play, Download Play** and even online*! With fast-paced gameplay and quick-fire matches, Blast Ball is the perfect pick-up-and-play multiplayer experience. For those who prefer to play alone, Blast Ball can also be enjoyed in single-player mode, with computer-controlled players filling out the teams.
Lock onto the ball to keep track of its location, strafe around it to find the perfect firing position, then refine your aim using motion controls to hit the ball home. Move about the arena to defend your goal or launch assaults on the opponent’s net, and keep in communication with your team using set voice commands on the +Control Pad.

Fire quick, successive Power Shots to dribble the ball, or wind up a Charge Shot to send it soaring! The ball reacts differently depending on where you place your shots, so aim carefully using motion controls to pass and shoot with precision. You could target the underside of the ball, then unleash a massive blast to lob it right over the heads of the defending team!
Being aware of your surroundings, aiming accurately and, most importantly, working closely with your team is all part of being a Federation Force soldier – using all of these skills in an action-packed sport is a great way for a would-be soldier to prepare for life in the field!
Dodge ball

Should the ball hit you, it’ll hurt! When your energy is reduced to zero, you’ll be temporarily taken out of the game, giving the opposition an advantage until you drop back in. If you feel like playing dirty, smash the ball into your opponents to cause some serious damage and get the upper hand! You can even blast your opponents directly, but don’t get so distracted that you lose track of the ball…
Moving the goalposts
In a devious twist, scoring a goal causes the opposition’s goal to narrow, making it much more difficult to score again. When this happens, you’ll have to place your shots more accurately and launch the ball just right to get another goal!

Supercharge your Mech

Power-ups add another layer of strategy to the action, too! Use the Shield when you’re under pressure, or get an Adrenaline rush to counter-attack with incredible speed and force. Grab the Eject power-up to boot rival team members out of their Mechs: when the opposition are on foot, they won’t be able to defend or shoot back for a few seconds, so you can take advantage of an unguarded goal!
Team up, take down
Drop into Versus matches for straight-up, competitive Blast Ball action against friends and rivals, locally or online*. Versus matches are always 3-on-3, but don’t worry if you can’t find enough players – any empty slots will be filled by computer-controlled Mechs.
Grab your friends and work as a team to take on the co-operative Challenge mode, which pits you against progressively tougher computer-controlled squads across a series of five matches. It’s important to work together if you want to emerge victorious! You can train freely in the Practice mode until you’re ready to take on the top teams.
Your rating appears on your Blast Ball profile, showing your prowess for all-comers to see. It’ll rise and fall as you win and lose games, while impressive performances will also unlock new paint jobs, which you can use to customise your Mech’s appearance.

Discover New Nintendo 3DS and New Nintendo 3DS XL
On New Nintendo 3DS and New Nintendo 3DS XL, you can use an alternative control scheme, allowing you to lock on or use additional weapons with the ZL and ZR Buttons, or aim with the built-in C Stick.

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