Spicy Horse (Alice: Madness Returns) Closes Down

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Spicy Horse logoToday it was sadly announced that American McGee founded studio Spicy House is getting closed down. Here are comments from the studio about this decision.

Spicy Horse Games, co-founded by American McGee and RJ Berg, is no more. The Shanghai-based studio, responsible most notably for Alice: Madness Returns, is closing. The company itself, however, will continue to exist to “explore new business opportunities.” Spicy Horse was a rare breed of a developer. Independent, multi-cultural, and focusing at times on a chiefly Chinese audience, the studio played around with episodic game design, free-to-play mechanics, and mobile games. Though not nearly the first to do so, the company is 10 years old now, so they weren’t exactly newcomers to mobile design either.
Still, McGee is clearly proud of what the studio was able to accomplish. “When we started, there were no other large-scale Western indie developers in China,” he stated in a press release he posted on his Twitter. “Out of this we grew a great culture, developed unique games, and were witness to monumental changes in the Chinese economy, culture, and arts.” Berg also expressed pride for their accomplishments in the release, stating that “we’re moving on to the next episode.”

Source: Operation Rainfall

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