NX Rumors Come Out – Portable Device, TV in-out, Navidia Tegra X1 Powering Device and More

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The Nintendo NX is a mysterious platform, as while Nintendo announced its launching in Early 2017 (March), we know little to nothing about the system outside of some upcoming titles coming out for it like Breath of the Wild and Sonic 2017. But Eurogamer has a lot of information about the NX and has quite a few sources backing up there claims.
Here is the short version of the article they wrote up, but you can find the full one at the source link.

  • NX will play carts not unlike the 3DS and Nintendo wants to have them be 32GB’s large
  • Navidia Tegra X1 is powering the graphical abilities of the NX
  • Device can be connected to the TV to play games on the big screen
  • Controls can ‘snap off’ the sides of the portable unit and you can use the two parts to control the game alone or with a friend
  • Design mirrors the GamePad, with a screen in center and controller inputs on the sides of the device
  • No backwards compatibility with Wii U games likely not being in the final system due to usage of carts
  • Mainly a portable console but with the ability to connect to your TV

Source: Eurogamer

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