Shovel Knight Localization to Japan – Yacht Club Games Comments on Process

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Shovel Knight continues to impress many with its launch in Japan being very successful for that region. Yacht Club Games however, did a lot of the Japanese release and they detailed the entire process they went through in bringing the game to Japan. The full article is at the source link but I am going to share some of the highlights of the article to me.
Source: Yacht Club Games

Graphic Changes

The title Screen is an obvious one. We wanted to match what you’d expect out of a Japanese game in the era, which meant having Japanese text alongside the English logo:

After that, we made some more changes to the static sprites. Below you can see that when upgrading your health, Gastronomer sometimes will randomly serve up a Rice Ball dish.

Additionally, the Midas Coin now has a hole more representative of some Japanese coins:

Also, the Hall of Champions statues have an alternate design.

We also made some slight color changes. Certain Wizzem and Iron Knight palette types have changed as you can see below:

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