Street Fighter V Sales Released

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Street Fighter V has had less success then Capcom expected.

Capcom did their FY2016 Q1 report today and with that they updated their list of million sellers. According to that less than 100k units of Street Fighter V were shipped on the whole quarter (that’s from April 1st to June 30th), it shows it’s LTD as 1.4m which is the same exact number they gave back in May.
Does this means the game stop selling entirely? No, it just means Capcom barely shipped any copies, and that by June 30th they still haven’t sold what they shipped by March 31st.
Capcom wanted to sell 2m units by March 31st. Keep in mind this is well before Evo.
You can see data accurate as of June 30th here
And you can see data accurate as of March 31st here…e/million.html

Basically, the game is selling, but not as well considering the sales of past Street Fighter games. The game is out now on PC & PlayStation 4.
Source: NeoGaf

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