(RUMOR) – Mario, Zelda & Pokemon Coming to NX Launch Window?

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A rumor has recently appeared online saying that Mario, Pokemon and Zelda are all hitting the NX launch window. We know Zelda is releasing at launch but Mario & Pokemon as well is big news. Mario is likely a new 3D adventure the EAD team at Nintendo has been working on since the launch of 3D World in Fall 2013 while the rumor states GameFreak (makers of the Pokemon RPG’s) is making a port of Sun & Moon on the NX. Considering the rumors of the device being handheld-like, that makes sense.
You can read more about the rumor below but GameXplain covers a lot of ground in the video above.

Nintendo is putting together a triple-A software line-up, to ensure NX flies out of the gate next year.

Developer Game Freak will bring Pokémon to the platform, while Nintendo’s first party titles include the previously announced Zelda game – Breath of the Wild – and
a new Mario game. All three products are scheduled to appear within the first six months of the machine’s life.

The firm has also been busy securing third-party support, with Sega, Square Enix, Ubisoft, Activision and Warner Bros already on-board.

Sources close to Nintendo have told MCV that the firm is determined that NX will not suffer the same slow start as either the Wii U or 3DS.

Source: MC UK

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