Nintendo hits a Metroid fansite with DMCA Takedown Notice: AM2R Not Hosted on Fan Site

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Recently, a fan game called AM2R or otherwise called Another Metroid 2 Remake released yesterday by the fan community. Nintendo sent a DMCA Takedown Notice to the site hosting the file, so it can no longer be downloaded there; you cannot get the game from the creator’s website.
Update: The game is still up on the creators website and you can still get the game if you desire. This NeoGaf Post sums up the situation well. 

It’s not axed. All the links for download are still up on the AM2R website, hell links are still up on the Metroid Database website. Metroid Database were previously hosting their own download, that’s what was taken down.
But yes, Nintendo have noticed.

More or less, Nintendo now know the game exists and will take action if they desire. But the game as of this writing, is up on the creators website.
Update 2: A poster on NeoGaf made a good comment regarding this DMCA Takedown.

People are assuming this has to do with AM2R. But I’m not sure it actually does. The game is still downloadable from the creator’s blog and that blog is still up. Plus Nintendo knows it’s out there not and impossible to stop.
More likely this has to do with something else. Were Metroid Database asking for Donations or something?

This could mean that DMCA takedown WAS NOT for the fan game but rather something else related to Metroid.
Final Update: New DMCA Takedowns got sent to the creators website hosting the game; both the Mediafire & FileShare links to the files were hit with DMCA’s sent by Nintendo. This was discovered by NeoGaf User Ghost_Messiah in the a now closed thread on NeoGaf.

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