No Man’s Sky Developer Comments on Title Post-Launch – Stronger Hardware making the Game Better?

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The game released to many gamers and press enjoying the titles massive worlds but the developer states that game can do more in the future.

“For our game (No Man’s Sky) it’s procedurally generated. So more powerful hardware doesn’t just mean upgraded textures or a higher framerate. It means we can fundamentally change the experience.
“You can have – and you’ll see this from our patch notes – we’re able to change huge things in the universe, because we have complete control. “With more powerful hardware, we can have more trees, more leafs on those trees. The density or immersion of worlds, or new types of worlds could exist.”

This post doesn’t indicate if he is referring to the PS4 Neo, or the PC release of the game. Regardless, stronger hardware could impact the game in a positive way so we will likely hear more about this in the future.
Source: NeoGaf

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