Feel the Beat in the Wampa Island Level in Skylanders Imaginators – Cortex & Crash Gameplay

Crash Bandicoot isn’t alone in his Skylander adventure, his arch-nemeses Dr. Neo Cortex is joining the fun with his hoverboard, blaster and evil science to beat that bandicoo….I mean, help him save Skylands. Joining Cortex and Crash is a level based on the Wampa Islands/N. Sanity Island from the original Crash Bandicoot and you can find two clips of this level in action below & above this text. It is very faithful to the original games, with crates being common, wampa fruit to collect and some fun platforming challenges & level design feeling ripped out out of the original PS1 games.

Its a great level from the footage released today and we can’t wait to cover more on Crash’s adventures through Skylanders as more information releases.


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