Digital Foundry – Hands-On Impressions of the PS4 Version of Rise of the Tomb Raider

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Digital Foundry got hands on time with the PS4 version of Rise of the Tomb Raider and gave a number of comments regarding this upcoming release of the game.

First things first – we were hoping to bring you media of the PS4 version, but we’re still waiting for b-roll to emerge. When it does, we’ll get back to you with an update, but to get the basics out of the way, we can now confirm that Rise of the Tomb Raider on PS4 runs at 1080p30 – at least when you’re not using a PlayStation VR headset. Square-Enix has previously stated that this is its target but anything ‘beyond 30fps’ is a bonus. This same response was provided during our demo session, initially suggesting that we might be looking at an uncapped frame-rate, similar to Tomb Raider: The Definitive Edition. As of now, however, the build we saw definitely offers a capped 30fps experience.
The Xbox One does a reasonably good job of hitting 30fps but some of the scenes filled with dense foliage or multiple NPCs could introduce mild screen-tear and slowdown. On PlayStation 4, this is not the case at all. The entirety of the demo that we sampled was locked at 30fps with none of the issues seen on Xbox One. An in-depth side-by-side comparison may throw up some visual enhancements (there are plenty to choose from, based on the PC code) but the overall impression of a game that looks similar to the Xbox One original, right down to the slightly dodgy anti-aliasing.

In addition to the above comments, they shared that the VR mode of the game when exploring Croft Manner runs at a stable 60FPS. You can find the full article here and its interesting hearing about the technological aspects of this upcoming re-release of one of 2015’s games. 

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