Wanderjahr (Point & Click RPG) Coming to Vita – NA PSN Launch Late August

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A new game is releasing on the PS Vita in North America, called Wanderjahr, August 31st. It is a point & click RPG. You can find its English Trophy List Here. Thank NeoGaf Member Takao for sharing this games announcement in the PSN Thread. The games story & Vita announcement will be below.

Wanderjahr tells the story of UN Jariya, a global organization charged with maintaining world order and peace. You see, a hundred years ago, the Universal Source Code was discovered – and its secrets and structure was the key to create a better universe in harmony and peace. With changes, updates and tweaking, the code could be improved to create a better existence to all, but alas, when you least expect it, two weeks before you are done, evil shows its ugly face, and monsters appear in droves with the intent to destroy everything you have worked for. Is this a coincidence?

Source: NeoGaf PSN Thread

Press Release from Developers

Hi Everybody, It is Corecell Again, while we are busying making our new game. We are happy to introduce our new title “Wanderjahr” from our partner Workyrie Company. The game will hit North America PSN Store for PS Vita this 31 August 2016. What make we love “Wanderjahr” enough to bring it to console is. It is totally geek-centric game with a bunch of deep down contents such as RPG point & click game. You can play up to 18 characters with different roles, fight against tricky monsters in very challenging battles, solve the mysterious quests, and discover the beautiful and inspirational story. The most impressive point of this game is “real game source code” had been shown inside the game as a part of the story telling and as a hint for player. I can say it is the craziest idea that I’ve ever seen. “First game ever to let’s player enjoy finding hint in source code!!!” Geek-idea only! (Some source code will be provide in encyclopedia mode)
WpjThn (developer) said “One of my secret intention in this game is I want to spread out the trend of Coding Era and find the real gamer. Cause we are living in the world of computer machine surround us, we should understand how to command it.“ More than that, one of interesting thing about Wanderjahr is, all the game source code was developed by one man who patience enough to polish this game for 4.5 years. This crazy idea is not hit much in Steam players, but I believe that PlayStation player is totally different. Wanderjahr on PS Vita comes with new features that doesn’t have on PC version, totally new wide screen interface, Hi-definition graphic and rebalancing the game.
Then Wanderjahr will be waiting for you in PS Vita PSN store on 31 August 2016. Don’t miss to prove yourself geek with this game. #ProveItYourself Check out the game page here: https://www.facebook.com/WanderJahrGame/

Source: NeoGaf PSN Thread

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