Digital Foundry’s Impressions on DriveClub VR

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Digital Foundry posted an article detailing impressions of DriveClub VR, an upcoming racing game from Sony.

Then we look out across the track – yes, the fidelity of the PSVR headset is certainly a step down from the Rift or Vive, but it quickly shoots to the back of your mind once you hit the accelerator. The weight of the car and the way this is communicated within the game gives it a feeling that genuinely took me by surprise. It feels supremely natural and really gives the impression that you’re sitting in a car. I’ve spent a lot of time with some of the best PC VR racers and the virtual cockpit always felt ‘off’, a driving ‘uncanny valley’ of sorts, in a way that DriveClub does not.
Ultimately, DriveClub VR demonstrates how effective virtual reality can be – even using less capable hardware. Smart software design and well executed technical artistry can definitely overcome these limitations, resulting in an experience that feels every bit as potent as the more powerful PC VR solutions. The devil is in the details and these details help make for an incredibly enjoyable experience. DriveClub VR is the real deal – virtual racing at its finest. We’ll have more details on the game once it releases this fall alongside PlayStation VR.

Looks to be that the racing game will be making great usage of the PS4 hardware & the VR support adds to the experience.
Sources: NeoGaf VIA Digital Foundry Article

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